Web to Pack for corrugated board

Packaging made of corrugated board becomes a design object with our Web to Pack system: Whether you need folding cartons, cartons with adhesive closure, or slip lid cartons - packQ is equipped for everything.

Corrugated Board
  • The classic, made of Kraft paper
  • On the right path
  • Mesh definitions for animations

The classic, made of Kraft paper

When designing corrugated packaging, all FEFCO and special formats are available and can be combined with a wide variety of materials. You can also offer your customers special colors such as white print or Pantone.

On the right path

In our Packaging Analyzer, you can verify the accuracy of path creation, anchor point count, and perforation alignment after the design phase. This ensures that your model is prepared in the best possible way for further processing.

Mesh definitions for animations

All meshes of your 3D object and the individual folding steps can be precisely defined. Your customers can then easily fold and unfold the box in packQ's 3D view. It is also possible to transfer the wave shape and direction to your model.