Web to Pack for folding boxes

Depending on the shape, size and type of fold, printing on boxes has a completely different effect. packQ knows this - and therefore displays them interactively and in 3D. Whether for cosmetics, healthcare products or foodstuffs, our Web to Pack system creates personal designs in just a few clicks.

Folding Boxes
  • Freely configure print and closure variants
  • Full control over the result
  • Ideal for presentations

Freely configure print and closure variants

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to the format and variants of products: from tuck-in flaps, tuck-in bottoms and automatic bottoms to viewing windows and embellishments, everything is possible.

Full control over the result

Once an ideal format has been found, all print data is provided, including a preview. Your customers retain full control over the product right up to the end: a binding quality display and further configuration options such as format, paper, or embellishment options give them all the tools they need.

Ideal for presentations

Use packQ to convince key accounts of the quality of your products during a consultation, whether digitally or on site. With the live preview of the Web to Pack system, your packaging products shine everywhere