Web to Pack for POS Displays

At packQ, sales displays don't come off the shelf: they look exactly as you want them to - with fonts, colors and graphics of your choice. Alternatively, an existing layout can be used as a starting point.

POS Displays
  • Spot landing at the POS
  • Built in 3D
  • 1,000 words - or a QR code

Spot landing at the POS

Our integrated FEFCO library offers an enormous selection of customizable display and tray templates for merchandise presentations. packQ allows your customers to create creative displays for showrooms, trade shows and other POS products in a variety of ways.

Built in 3D

As always, the ingenious 3D preview ensures a perfect first impression. With the high-resolution models in the browser, the appearance of the sales display becomes evident right away.

1,000 words - or a QR code

All displays and trays can of course be freely designed. Logos and product information can be placed precisely. The packQ editor even generates individual QR codes.