Template Gallery

The packQ Template Gallery offers a variety of templates for print products of all kinds, so your customers can start designing right away. The gallery includes templates for business and personal use, with a wide variety of themes and looks.

Template Gallery
  • Countless Templates
  • Dimensionally variable packaging design through Liquid Layouts
  • Responsive AI adjustments

Countless Templates  

Countless templates are ready and waiting for your next product design. In any style and on any scale: packQ Template Gallery always has a solution ready.

Dimensionally variable packaging design through Liquid Layouts

Our template collection with Liquid Layouts, an AI-powered design tool, allows your customers to use dynamic design templates for parametric and variable-size products. Designs automatically adjust to the configured size of each product. This gives your customers complete flexibility and eliminates the need to rely on packaging design agencies or graphic designers.

Responsive AI adjustments

When changing the dimensions of a package, each panel and object of the layout is calculated individually. Then the elements are reordered according to a predefined structure. The AI tool is fed numerous design rules for colors, shapes and divisions (e.g. golden section) for this purpose.

Based on these rules, the design is permanently recalculated and arranged in relation to the new format. In this way, our AI algorithm ensures that the end result looks as appealing as the original template. This makes Liquid Layouts the new design benchmark for packaging products with variable dimensions.