Parameterized standards

Based on parameterized standards, there are packaging models exclusively in packQ in many different categories: about 220 folding boxes, 290 corrugated boxes and 50 POS displays, all with different options for the flaps and closure mechanisms.

ECMA & FEFCO Box Library
  • Thanks to CAD
  • Punched and folded
  • From shipping carton to POS display

Thanks to CAD

Models can be customized with dimensional accuracy on the basis of 3D animations. For this purpose, special CAD software is integrated in the background, which offers all important parameters for packaging designers.

Punched and folded

For the design of your individual product or food packaging, packQ supports all common ECMA codes. The standardized die-cut packaging and folding boxes with variable dimensions can be used as a starting point for any new packaging design.

From shipping carton to POS display

FEFCO codes are also integrated in packQ. In addition to classic shipping cartons, this also includes special products such as POS displays or trays, so that your customers can design everything they need at the point of sale.