Product Configuration & Calculation

Print specifications can be displayed in a list or tile view for fast and convenient configuration of your products. Our innovative plausibility check automatically takes print-relevant dependencies into account, such as inline coating in the 5th printing unit.

Product Configuration & Calculation
  • Detailed Configuration
  • Dynamically calculated

Detailed Configuration

The packQ configuration tool makes it possible to configure creative print products down to the last detail. Depending on the industry, different materials and production processes are available: From the choice of paper type to color variations and finishing options, packQ delivers. In this way, you offer your customers an individual experience and enable them to realize their creative visions.

To save you time when configuring the product, packQ analyzes all print specifications with a detailed plausibility check. Both small and large errors are recognized and marked directly for an efficient workflow.

Dynamically calculated

With our dynamic price calculation, you can easily determine realistic prepress, press and postpress prices. Our calculation formulas are based on industry-standard constants such as setup and production prices. This means that you don't have to go through the tedious process of calculating prices, but can obtain correct sales prices quickly and reliably.