Web to Pack for flexible packaging

Whether made of plastic, aluminum or paper: Formable packaging solutions are part of packQ's standard repertoire. Everything is possible: stand-up pouches, shipping pouches, pressure seal pouches and more.

Flexible packaging
  • Always the optimal format
  • Dimensionally accurate enclosed
  • Free choice of material

Always the optimal format

The system masters the challenge of optimally displaying all content with flying colors. For each format for which images are uploaded for printing, you can specify the maximum print size and bleed in the backend. packQ then automatically crops the respective product to the appropriate size.

As always, your customer has the option to follow these adjustments live in the editor. This allows texts, graphics and photos to be quickly checked for their effect and adjusted or replaced if necessary.

Dimensionally accurate enclosed

Especially when designing flexible packaging, it is essential to maintain the correct dimensions. The intelligent marking of the packaging sections with internal dimensions, angles and cutting dies in the packQ Editor is all the more practical.

Free choice of material

Plastic, aluminum, paper: all no problem. packQ treats them all equally. No packaging material is excluded here just because it's a little special - on the contrary.