Web to Pack for Labels & Stickers

Whether you want to produce labels for high-quality cosmetics or label foodstuffs - it's all no problem with packQ. Because we know: There's often more to packaging than just the package around it.

Labels & Stickers
  • All freedom in label design
  • Live edited
  • Simply imported
  • Comfortably exported

All freedom in label design

packQ offers an extensive library of standard labels that you can customize according to your needs. You can set maximum and minimum sizes, adjust materials and finishing techniques, and more.

Live edited

For further personalization of the labels, a modern and easy-to-use form view with a high-resolution preview of the final print product is available. This allows you to see your labels and tags directly on the packaging.

Simply imported

Data can be generated dynamically using table import and PDF/VT or, in the case of smaller data sets, can also be entered manually using a form. In both cases, data on the labels can be modified directly without changing the layout.

Comfortably exported

packQ's handy PDF export function is also at your service when designing labels and tags. The generated PDFs are particularly useful for internal control rounds or print planning.