Variably personalized

packQ supports the creation of personalization products using PDF/VT. Thanks to the product variants this allows, everyone is guaranteed to find a design they like.

Variable Data Printing
  • CSV Upload
  • Form field check
  • Design manually

CSV Upload

The PDF/VT workflow works like this: Multiple data sets for a product with different variants can be submitted to packQ via Excel or CSV upload. They are then taken into account by the editor in the personalization step - regardless of whether they are for packaging, labels or advertising materials.

Form field check

Thanks to the intelligent form field check, everything is always filled in correctly. If an input is missing or something has been entered incorrectly, an error message is displayed directly.

Design manually

Alternativ ist es möglich, Designs von der Pike auf neu zu erstellen. Entwürfe können dabei jederzeit gespeichert und in der 3D-Vorschau überprüft werden.